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NMO Module 9 - Possible Application Integration and Connectivity

by Rose Hessmiller last modified Jan 10, 2013 11:47 AM
Tour of Possible Application Integration and Connectivity with our existing RM Portal.

Open Source Movement and the Portal Community's Future

As our RM Portal Community grows and its members introduce new needs, the portal's back-end functionality steadily adapts to meet that need. Projects like the RM Portal and other similar initiatives that you will meet in this module are spurring on the development. Organizations, public and private are helping train people to build and move into shared environments to solve complex problems and realize new dreams. The Open Surce Movement and the global Plone Development Community are working on improvements and future functionality that we will hopefully incorporate to grow with our RM Portal community.

The folowing are some examples of emerging open source applications or functionality, that we are ready to integrate within and across the existing portal. Integration means searchability across ALL function and space on the portal as well as integration concerning language translation capabilities.

Samples of what is currently in development for the RM Portal

    • Improved e-Newsletter (easier to learn and use)
    • My Workgroups functionality (Portlets: See in a glance all the different groups, projects, teams) with whom you are currently working, group email notification, individual group member listing for easy access.
    • Improved Calendaring application
    • Vastly improved Forums for topical discussion

Sample of possible new portal function to think about!

  • Plone supports 50 translations out of the box
  • There are about 300+ add-on products available for Plone
  • In 2005, the Plone direct downloads were 250,000+

Some of these products include:

Plone TV: The first episodes of plonetv have been released and feature the Plone archipelago sprint.

Plone Radio: Plodcasting is a Podcasting product for Plone. This tool will allow a radio station or community audio project to publish audio files for users of to automatically download. A frequent request for remote partners who use radio as a powerful, accessible communication system.

PLone Skype Internet telephony directly through the Portal.PloneSkype takes communication on the plone platform beyond the asynchronous mode of email, discussion boards and blogs.

Photo/Image Gallery Tools Tool to manage large photo/image collections.

Distance Learning tools for course development, registration, and management.

E-commerce For NGO, CBO support.

Chat For simple immediate live audio.

Blogs Journal keeping, record keeping, live communication loop while in the field.

Example: A blog announcing PLone training for NGOs in the UK called Plonability Day.

Building Glossaries tool to help diverse sectors move in with their keywords.

Connecting to other Plone Projects

The final section of the New Member Orientation is an illustration of next steps or where we can or might go in the future. The following is a tour of some Plone application projects that already exist for integration with our portal's PLone platform currently.

  • University of Minnesota (UMN) MapServer
  • Sandia National Lab, International Programs Water Portal
  • University of New Mexico (UNM) PHAIRS
  • National Science Fondation NEON
  • NASA Maestro, Mars Rover portal
  • Rice University: CONNEXIONS

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