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Introduction to the Enterprise for the Americas Initiative (EAI) Funds

Established by former President Bush in 1991, the Enterprise for the Americas Initiative enables Latin American and the Caribbean countries which moved to open investment regimes to redirect their portion of their debt payments from the U.S. Government into a local fund to support child survival and environmental programs.

The following countries support EAI programs:

Head shot of a toucan, a bird with brightly colored beak of bright green, red, and blue, a yellow neck, and a black body. Photo Source: Jerry Bauer Copyright 2004. All rights reserved.
Toucans benefit from the conservation of tropical


Additional information is provided about the EAI Board as well as links to other EAI resources.





Landscape with mountain peaks and clouds hovering above forest canopy. Photo Source: Jesse Buff

The TFCA is implemented through bilateral agreements with eligible countries. Unlike the EAI, which focuses on Latin America and the Caribbean, the TFCA is a global program. Eight countries have TFCA agreements as of November 2004.


These agreements will generate more than $239 million for tropical forest conservation in these countries over the life of the agreements. A number of other countries have qualified for or expressed interest in the TFCA program.

This site provides information about various aspects of the TFCA including:





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