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Add to Favorites

by Portal Web Editor last modified Jan 10, 2013 09:47 AM
As you navigate around the RM Portal you have the ability to save content you find useful, or may want to review later, to your "My Favorites" Folder. By default, your favorites are private. You can use the "Sharing Tab" to share your "My Favorites" folder with your groups or with individual portal members.

My Favorites

1. To save content as a Favorite, navigate to the content anywhere in the RM Portal that you want to save.

2. Click the Add to Favorites link located at the top of the page next to your name, just below the banner and top navigation.

3. A link to the content will be added as a link in your My Favorites folder.

4. To return to a favorite link later, click My Favorites.  This will display the complete list of your favorites.

5. In your "My Favorites" folder click on any link to visit that content.

Personalize and Organize your My Favorites

  1. Click the EDIT Tab on in your My Favorites folder and change the title to YOUR NAME Favorites, then Save. ex. Mike Colby Favorites
  2. You can Add Folders to your My Favorites to organize the links.
    1. Go to your My Favorites
    2. Find the Add New tab,
    3. Add a Folder
    4. Give the Folder a title: ex. CBNRM
    5. Save
    6. Click the Contents Tab of your My Favorites
    7. Check all the items you wish to move into your folder
    8. Select Cut
    9. Click on the Folder you wish to paste your items to
    10. Make sure you're in folder contents mode (otherwise click the "contents" tab).  Then, click the "paste" button below the contents table, to paste the Links into the desired folder.

Tag your My Favorites folders For Review

  1. You can send your My Favorite folder to your group For Review
  2. Go to the My Favorite folder you wish to share with your group and submit For Review: ex. CBNRM
  3. Click Edit
  4. Click Categorization
  5. Chose or Type the appropriate Tag:  ex. CBNRM For Review or NWP For Review.
  6. Save

Sharing Tab: You’re my Favorites folder is PRIVATE by default.

1. To share private content with a portal member(s) or your CBNRM Working Group , click on its sharing tab.


2. Enter the name of the user or group in the search box that you would like to share with. Press Search.

Sharing Search

3. Check the boxes under the permissions that you would like to give to the person or group that you are sharing with. Save.

Sharing Permissions

4. You will still need to notify the members of your group to let them know that you've shared your favorties with them.  There are two ways to do this.  You can create a link inside the group workspace, or you can send an email to the group.

You can share any content ANYWHERE in the site with your colleagues using the Sharing Tab.

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