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Help Documents to Support Group Activities

by Portal Web Editor last modified Jan 18, 2013 07:43 PM
Title Description
Annotations Annotations How-to and spreadsheet for adding Annotations offline
Adding Files How to upload files in the portal.
Adding Links How to add links in the portal.
Add to Favorites As you navigate around the RM Portal you have the ability to save content you find useful, or may want to review later, to your "My Favorites" Folder. By de...
Introduction to Collections A Collection in Plone works much like a report or query does in a database. Use Collections to dynamically sort and display your content.
Adding Folders How to add folders to the portal.
USAID RM Portal Adds New Research and Content Management Services How to Use DEC-XML and RIS to Share References Between the RM Portal and Other Tools
Adding Images How to add images to the portal.
State Description of the private, public draft, and published 'state' of content on the portal.
Versioning An overview on how to view the version history of an item, compare versions, preview previous versions and revert to previous versions.
How to Use Advanced Search Instructions for using Plone's Advanced Search.
Adding Pages How to add pages in the portal.
Adding Events How to add Events in the portal.
Adding News Items How to add news items in the portal.
How To Add Content to the Portal: A General Overview A general overview of how to add content, including definitions of each standard content types.
Plone Manual (How To Use the RM Portal) How to document for using the USAID RM Portal: adding content, managing content, creating collections, collaboration and workflow.
Help Documents to Support Group Activities
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